In 1844, the Faber fire was lit by Jan Gerrits Faber in Franeker in Friesland. He started with a smithy and laid the foundations for our current range of fires and stoves. With 175 years of craftsmanship, innovations, a visionary outlook and our passion, they have become the experts in fires.

Our passion goes beyond the fire, and is even more about the warmth it creates. Enjoying atmosphere and cosiness together. The place for quality time with friends, family, each other.

Many modern products and technologies wouldn't exist without Faber. From the beginning, our fire makers are driven to develop the most beautiful ambient fire. By combining craftsmanship, knowledge and passion with advanced technology, Faber is responsible for discoveries and patents that have become standard in the international market today. We lead the way in gas fires and are in the vanguard of the fires of the future with a new energy demand, such as propane, biopropane, or electric fires with water mist and LED lights. and our pride and passion!

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